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LoveSystems asked:

www.lovesystems.com **** NOTE: Jeremy Soul is about to release his new book on day game called “Daytime Dating.” For more info, go here: www.lovesystems.com **** Love Systems instructor and dating coach Soul shows you how he became the world’s leading day game expert. With infield sarging,…

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AaactionMan asked:

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SHAWN~STA asked:

Ok so my girlfriend is so perfect an amazing for me in every way and i love her so much! and she always tells me she feels the same way :) . But when im not with her or i take her home at night and leave i get so sad and depressed or even if i go a day without seeing her, Why is this happening? is there something wrong with me?

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askjdog asked:

www.ASKJDOG.com Clip taken from the ASK JDOG newsletter, where JDOG is discussing the differences between opening during the day versus at night. JDOG also talks about direct and indirect openers to meet women. For the full video signup for the newsletter at www.askjdog.com

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Why are people so naïve?

Milon asked:

I’m from Hawaii and part Hawaiian, I thought it would be interesting to type in Hawaiian and see what questions were asked. One person asked if opening a Hawaiian resturant on the mainland was a good idea, okay, now someone answered “Local people like spam and macaroni salad and that’s not my idea of good.” Or something to that affect and I just thought that person was a complete moron! Sure locals do consume a lot of spam and macaroni salad but that isn’t Hawaiian food! Hawaiian food is poi, kulolo, kalua pua’a, and other various things. Hawaiian resturants on the mainland fail in comparisson to Hawaiian food from HAWAII. Also a few years back I went with my family to Oregon and we drove through a McDonalds, since my uncle had recently moved there he still had Hawaii liscence plates and the lady asks us “Oh, your liscense plates are from Hawaii, did you drive here?” Yes, really, we drove from Hawaii to Oregon. Please people educate yourselves before saying something.

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How to get a Girlfriend

ajfranco645 asked:

Tony helps Ryan get a girlfriend DISCLAIMER: i DO NOT in any way own rights to the song “Gone” by The Bouncing Souls ©Epitaph Records, and “Celestial Light” ©Premium Music Coll.

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Ryan M asked:

I’m flying out to see my girlfriend on Sunday and do not want to mess with getting a rental car. Would it be cheaper to get a cab, bus or train?
If she could, I wouldn’t need another travel option.
Xpress Shuttle… Just saved 100 dollars. Thanks

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How To Get A Girlfriend

TheWingGirls asked:

The biggest question on most of your hot and ***** minds is How Do I Get A Girlfriend? Well, its about time we answered this isn’t it? For more dating advice, go to www.thewinggirls.com. And please add us on facebook too!!

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Where to get a pendant vibe?

Bella Stevens asked:

My girlfriend had this cool little pendant vibe. It’s small enough that she can wear it around her neck and no one can tell it’s a ********. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

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