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I’m from Hawaii and part Hawaiian, I thought it would be interesting to type in Hawaiian and see what questions were asked. One person asked if opening a Hawaiian resturant on the mainland was a good idea, okay, now someone answered “Local people like spam and macaroni salad and that’s not my idea of good.” Or something to that affect and I just thought that person was a complete moron! Sure locals do consume a lot of spam and macaroni salad but that isn’t Hawaiian food! Hawaiian food is poi, kulolo, kalua pua’a, and other various things. Hawaiian resturants on the mainland fail in comparisson to Hawaiian food from HAWAII. Also a few years back I went with my family to Oregon and we drove through a McDonalds, since my uncle had recently moved there he still had Hawaii liscence plates and the lady asks us “Oh, your liscense plates are from Hawaii, did you drive here?” Yes, really, we drove from Hawaii to Oregon. Please people educate yourselves before saying something.

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